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Partners for Social Media

Easy, Save Time, FAST, Real Results

  1. Post Once a Week
  2. Interactive Weekly Reports
  3. Done!
  4. PostUpon members asked if we could create Weekly Notifications to know when other Members post on Social Media, so there is no Wasted Time. SURE THING! We created customized reports for all your PostUpon partners. Convenient One Click Links to go right to your partners Facebook, Google Local Business Posts to Optimize your time. Focus groups were done in Under 6 minutes each Week!

Benefits - ROI

  • Tons of MORE Views, Likes, Shares, +1s, Comments
  • Weekly Reports Who, What and Where Partners Posted
  • Custom Email or On-Site Reports Only See when Partners Post Saves Time
  • Support your Partners in Under 6 minutes per WEEK
  • HIGH SPEED Time Saving Reports
  • Links to Your Partners Posts
  • Add SEO Off Site, External
  • Drive Traffic to Your Site Real Results

Both email and on-site reports provide your choice of what works BEST for You. Once you try PostUpon reports you'll never look at social media business success the same.

We encourage your Ideas, Feedback and REQUESTS!

Social Media Business Reports

Fast Email Reports

One Click Email reports allow you to see ONLY the relevant posts which you have NOT interacted with Previously. If there are no NEW posts then you waste NO Time with Red Herrings. We've Optimized the Weekly Process

Social Media Reports for Business

On-Site Weekly Indepth Reports

Want to Dive Deeper and mine more Great Ideas? No Problem, click on the link in the email and you'll be on the PostUpon Reports page with more indepth details about your own business posts and your Partners posts.

Detail Social Media Reports